Visionary Leadership Phenomenon in School Management


  • Yücel Daş Auother
  • Şahin Yüksel
  • Hayati Beşir


Vision, Visionary leadership, School management.



The aim of this study is to examine the concept of vision and visionary leadership, of which importance is being understood more and more in the management of educational institutions, and to reveal the positive differences between school administrators with visionary leadership characteristics. In the study, which was designed as a review article, the concepts of leader, manager, vision, and visionary leader were considered in the literature, and the features of visionary leadership, which are open to change and innovation, constantly improving themselves, inspiring the people they work with, guiding them, walking the path together and helping them when necessary, realizing the goals determined have been revealed. Therefore, it has been revealed that visionary school administrators are more peaceful and happier with the internal and external stakeholders they work with in their institutions, they move more confidently to the place where they are thought to be in the future determined for the institution, and that their institution is more preferable than the equivalent institutions around it. Besides, it has been indicated that the school includes innovative educational practices and student-centered studies, supports pluralistic participation in all areas, and shares its authority by giving responsibility. In this regard, the necessity of making legal arrangements that will reveal visionary leaders is an inevitable requirement for the future of the country and the accomplishment of the institutions.


Author Biographies

Yücel Daş, Auother

School Principal of Yavuz Selim Primary School, Konya, Turkey

Şahin Yüksel

Vice Principal of Şekibe Aksoy Primary School, Konya, Turkey

Hayati Beşir

Teacher, Mehmet Münevver Kurban Anatolian High School, Konya, Turkey




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